Carl P. Dietz Manuscript Collection (1898-1950)

Inventory of Song Titles

I love you dearly, Daisie McHugh (ms., pencil and ink, 1900; mock-up for pub., 1950)

I’ll be gol derned if that ain’t queer (lyric sheet, typeset and pencil, 1989)

The little homestead by the mill (ms., ink, 1898; cover mock-up for pub., ink, 1989; mock-up for pub., 1950)

The little girl I used to call my own (sketch, pencil and ink, 1904; mock-up for pub., 1950)

A love tale (lyric sheet, typeset, 1900)

My Broadway girl (sketch, pencil, 1900)

Parted for-ever-more (ms., ink, 1896; mock-up for pub., 1950)

Taking a stroll through the park with your girl on a beautiful Sunday night (sketches, pencil, 1910; lyric sheets, typeset, 1910)

Those happy days will never come again (sketch, pencil, n.d.)

When I gaze in your dear eyes (sketch, pencil, 1900; ms., ink, n.d.; mock-up for pub., 1950)