Grant Appointment Guidelines

Personal consultations with the Grants Librarian may be arranged depending on availability.

Before requesting an appointment, please consider:

  • Attending a grant research seminar instead. Several are held each semester. You can find the latest schedule at Workshops, Classes & Events.

Before requesting an appointment, it is required that:

  • One makes full use of the information available online at the Grants Information Collection Web site and read through the GIC’s Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Persons affiliated with nonprofit organizations come with a specific project or type of program in mind;
  • Individuals, including academic clientele, have a specific educational or research funding need.

The librarian does not provide the following:

  • Appointments to everyone who asks, since advice can often be supplied via email, telephone, other Reference Department staff, in-house seminars, and online resources at the Grants Information Collection web site;
  • Proposal writing advice or critiques;
  • Recommendations of specific funders;
  • Funding research; database searching;
  • Appointments for people who want to know “what’s out there,” or who intend to fit a program to any available grant. (For examples: What grants are available in Wisconsin? What grants are “out there” for art? Instead:What grants are available in educational technology in Wisconsin middle schools? Where should I look for a grant to start a series of painting workshops in our YWCA?);
  • Appointments with for-profit enterprises;
  • Appointments about human services assistance ordinarily provided by state agencies or other institutions, including personal finance -for instance, financing medical bills, child care, purchasing a home;
  • Appointments on evenings (after 6 p.m.) or weekends;