Grant Appointment Guidelines

Personal consultations with the Grants Librarian may be arranged depending on availability. We do our best to accommodate schedules and learning styles. Feel free to contact us at any stage in your grant seeking process. We are a library collection, not a research service. Users do their own research, but we can certainly help you along the way. To request an appointment, please review the below information, then Contact the Grants Information Collection.

Before requesting an appointment, please consider:

  • Attending a grants workshop. Several are held each semester. You can find the latest schedule at Workshops, Classes & Events.
  • View online versions of grants workshops and tutorials on specific databases. You may find suitable alternatives to the in-person versions on the Help and Tutorials page.

Before requesting an appointment, it is helpful that:

  • One makes full use of the information available online at the Grants Information Collection Web site and read through the GIC’s Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Persons affiliated with nonprofit organizations come with a specific project or type of program in mind;
  • Individuals, including academic clientele, have a specific educational or research funding need.

The librarian does not generally provide the following:

  • Appointments to everyone who asks, since advice can often be supplied via email, telephone, other Information Services staff, in-house workshops, and online resources at the Grants Information Collection web site (see Help and Tutorials);
  • Proposal writing advice or critiques (see Grant Proposals Websites);
  • Recommendations of specific funders without you conducting any research;
  • Funding research; database searching (we can certainly assist you in learning how to use our resources);
  • Appointments for people who want to know “what’s out there,” or who intend to fit a program to any available grant. (For examples: What grants are available in Wisconsin? What grants are “out there” for art? Instead:What grants are available in educational technology in Wisconsin middle schools? Where should I look for a grant to start a series of painting workshops in our YWCA?);
  • Appointments with for-profit enterprises (see FAQ #28);
  • Appointments about human services assistance ordinarily provided by state agencies or other institutions, including personal finance -for instance, financing medical bills, child care, purchasing a home (see FAQ #27);
  • Appointments on evenings (after 6 p.m.) or weekends;