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Print / Scan by Appointment

UPDATE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 17: Print / Scan appointments are now available at College Library.

Note that Computer Lab and Study Space appointments, mentioned below, are not available until at least September 26.

Make an appointment for a brief visit to the library for the primary purpose of printing, scanning, or photocopying materials.

Appointments available

  • Appointments are limited to UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students.
  • Appointments are available at College Library.
  • Please arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment time to help reduce congestion in the library entrance.
  • Appointments have set ending times. Please leave at or before the appointment end time.

Services description

  • Print / Scan appointments are 15 minutes long and are available throughout the day.
  • They are intended for people who need to print in black & white, scan, or photocopy something quickly and have no need for other library services.
  • There is not a specific device assigned for these appointments. You can use any of the publicly available printers, copiers, or scanners in the library.
  • Computer lab printers and scanners are not available for this appointment.
  • Because other appointment types may also use the equipment during their appointment, there may be a short wait for some users.
  • Each person entering the library will need their own reservation.
  • For color printing or other advanced printing/scanning needs, please make a Computer Lab appointment.
  • To scan or copy materials you expect to discover in the library, please make an In-Person Collection Access appointment; you will have access to scanners as part of that appointment.

Print / Copy / Scan with other appointment types

If you already have a Study Space or In-Person Collection Access appointment, you can use the public library printers, copiers, and book scanners located in the library. If you already have a Computer Lab appointment, that appointment gets you access to the printers in the lab. There are also appointments available for the computer lab scanners.

How to schedule a Print / Scan appointment

Go here to start an appointment request for Print / Scan.

  1. Select Print / Scan appointment option at College, Steenbock, or Memorial.
  2. Review the service description before making a reservation.
  3. Select a date and time to enter the library.
  4. Answer all questions on the form.
  5. Submit your appointment.

You will receive an email message confirming your appointment that includes library specific information and instructions.

Please don’t come to the library without an appointment. We must ensure we are meeting physical distancing guidelines, and are working carefully to ensure scheduled times allow for minimal contact for all involved.

It is important to note that we will have limited staff available onsite so not all services are supported. This appointment is for the use of a publicly available printer, scanner or copier. This appointment does not provide access to library collections or other study spaces.

If you have questions, you can contact Ask a Librarian.

Please see our Accessibility page if you are unable to access our libraries physically due to health reasons, or if you are unable to wear a face covering.”

Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how long I can stay in the library? expand_more

Print / Scan appointments are 30 minutes and limited to short visits only for the use of printers, scanners, or copiers in the building. You should leave the building after your task is done, or at the end of your appointment time.

Can I change my appointment time? expand_more

Yes, although you need to contact the library directly or Ask a Librarian.

  • College • 608-262-3245
  • Memorial • 608-262-3343
  • Steenbock • 608-262-1371


Who do I contact if I will miss or be late for my appointment? expand_more

Contact the library directly or use our chat function on Ask a Librarian.

  • College • 608-262-3245
  • Memorial • 608-262-3343
  • Steenbock • 608-262-1371