Memorial Library Study Rooms

Memorial Library
728 State St.
Phone: (608) 262-3193

NOTE that all rooms have power outlets and wireless network.
More room information is available after you login.

Room White board Computer Projector/
Max Seats
M179a* yes no no 6
M179b* yes no no 6
M279a** yes yes yes 6
M279b** yes no no 6
379 yes no no 7
(grad students only)
yes no yes 6
477 yes no no 5
479 yes yes yes 7
M477 yes no no 5
M479 yes no no 7
577 yes no no 6
579 yes no no 6
777 yes no no 5
779 yes no no 7

* M179a is one table and M179b is a second table in the same room.

** M279a is one table and M279b is a second table in the same room.

***464A can only be used by graduate students. It is located within the Graduate Study Room (464), which requires scanning your Wiscard to gain entrance. More information is available here.