College Library Study Rooms

College Library
600 N Park St.
Phone: (608) 262-3245

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*Note that if you need a computer to attach to the monitor in a study room, you may be able to checkout a laptop from the computer lab help desk.

RoomWhite BoardComputerProjector/MonitorMax Seats
College 2191Ayesnoyes6
College 2191Byesnoyes6
College 2191Cyesnoyes6
College 2191Dyesnoyes6
College 2203yesnono6
College 2205yesnono6
College 2258yesyesyes12
College 3203yesnoyes6
College 3205yesnoyes6
College 3215yesnono6
College 3217yesnono6
College 3251yesnoyes6
College 3261noyesyes12