Libraries by Subject

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  • College Library; 600 North Park Street, 262-3245
    College Library offers primary service to undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The library has 24-hour service, innovative digital-media and active learning classroom spaces, large computing facilities, a variety of study spaces to meet group and individual needs, a café, and browsing collections serving introductory research needs across all disciplines.

Arts & Humanities

  • Art Library (Kohler); 160 Conrad A. Elvehjem Building, 263-2258
    Specialties: Art, architecture, design, decorative arts, graphics arts and photography
  • Historical Society Library; Wisconsin Historical Society, 816 State Street Mall, 264-6535
    Specialties: North American and Wisconsin History, genealogy, politics and related subjects, government publications, newspapers, and women’s and ethnic studies. The library contains over 2.3 million items in the field of American history. The collection of nearly 10,000 general-interest newspapers, dating from the 18th – 21st centuries, is the second largest in the country after the Library of Congress.
  • Memorial Library; 728 State Street Mall, 262-3193
    Memorial Library is the principal research facility on campus for the social sciences and humanities. It is also the largest library in the state of Wisconsin with more than 3.5 million volumes. Patrons from all over the world total more than 1 million visits each year. Specialized collections at Memorial include an extensive Periodicals collections, a large selection of domestic and foreign newspapers, Special Collections, and an InfoLab.
  • Music Library (Mills); B162 Memorial Library, 263-1884
    Specialties: Music books and journals, scores, recordings and videocassettes.
  • Special Collections; 976 Memorial Library, 262-3243
    Specialties: Rare books, manuscripts, printed ephemera, other special collections and exhibits.
  • Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research; 412 Wisconsin Historical Society, 816 State Street Mall, 264-6466
    Specialties: Manuscripts, stills and clippings. Film viewing by advance appointment only.

Life Sciences

  • Ebling Library (Health Sciences); Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Avenue, 262-2020
    Specialties: Basic and clinical biomedical sciences, neurosciences, biotechnology, history of health sciences, nursing, pharmacy, pharmacology, toxicology, allied health and health administration.
  • Limnology Library (Center for Limnology); 211 Limnology Laboratory, 262-4439
    Specialties: Non-circulating materials on fresh water and marine biology, fisheries and lake ecology.
  • Steenbock Library (Agriculture & Life Sciences); 550 Babcock Drive, 262-9635
    Specialties: Agriculture, life sciences, natural resources, veterinary medicine
  • Wisconsin’s Water Library; 238 Goodnight Hall, 262-3069
    Specialties: Water resources with an emphasis on Wisconsin and the Great Lakes.

Physical Sciences

  • Astronomy Library (Woodman); 6521 Sterling Hall, 262-1320
    Specialties: Astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Chemistry Library; 2361 Chemistry Building, 262-2942
    Specialties: Analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical Chemistry.
  • Geology & Geophysics Library (Leith); 440 Weeks Hall, 262-8956
    Specialties: Geology, geophysics and oceanography.
  • Mathematics Library (Kleene); B224 Van Vleck, 262-3596
    Specialties: Pure and applied mathematics, some statistics and computer science.
  • Physics Library; 4220 Chamberlin Hall, 262-9500
    Specialties: All areas of physics, including nuclear, atomic, molecular, high energy, condensed matter, mathematical, plasma and some astrophysics.
  • Schwerdtfeger Library(Space Science); 1225 W. Dayton Street, (608) 262-0987
    Specialties: Earth and space science.

Social Sciences

  • American Indian Studies Program Resource Center; Room 338 Ingraham Hall, 263-5501
    Specialties: Films, music, periodicals and books relating to Native American Indian culture.
  • Archives (UW-Madison); 425 Steenbock Library , 262-5629
    Specialties: Archives and publications from the administrators, faculty, staff and students of the UW-Madison, UW System, and UW-Extension; photographs and memorabilia, manuscripts, oral history, and records management.
  • Business Library; 2200 Grainger Hall, 262-5935
    Specialties: Accounting, business, finance, marketing, management, real estate and insurance.
  • Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC); 401 Teacher Education Bldg, 263-3720
    Specialties: Children’s literature research library and book examination center for adults. Non-circulating historical, contemporary, multicultural, regional alternative press and reference materials.
  • Data & Program Library Service; 3308 Social Science, 262-0750
    Specialties: Reference service and archive for social science numeric data sets.
  • Information School Library; 4191 Helen C. White Hall, 263-2960
    Specialties: Library and information science and children’s literature.
  • Journalism Reading Room; 2130 Vilas Hall, 263-3387
    Specialties: Journalism, mass communications, mass communications law, advertising, public relations and photojournalism.
  • L&S Learning Support Services (LSS); 259 Van Hise Hall, 262-1408
    Specialties: AV instructional materials in more than 100 languages; English as a Second Language; music, sciences, social sciences and other L&S subjects; live foreign language satellite broadcasts; open access student computer lab with 43 workstations.
  • Law Library; Law School Building, 975 Bascom Mall, 262-1128
    Specialties: U.S., Wisconsin, foreign and international law; criminal justice.
  • Map Library (Arthur H. Robinson); 310 Science Hall, 262-1471
    Specialties: Maps and aerial photography, geography, cartography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
  • Max Kade Institute for Germanic-American Studies; 901 University Bay Drive, 262-7546
    Specialties: German-American and reference materials.
  • Memorial Library; 728 State Street Mall, 262-3193
    Memorial Library is the principal research facility on campus for the social sciences and humanities. Specialized collections at Memorial include an extensive Periodicals collections, a large selection of domestic and foreign newspapers, Special Collections, and an InfoLab.
  • Media, Education Resources, and Information Technology (MERIT); 301 Teacher Education Building, 263-4750
    Specialties: Teacher education, instruction and children’s print and non-print materials. The library also has a computer lab and media.
  • Social Science Reference Library (Somers); 8432 Social Science, 262-6195
    Specialties: Industrial relations, economics, sociology and some anthropology.
  • Social Work Library (Franks); 236 School of Social Work Building, 263-3840
    Specialties: Social work, aging, family problems, child abuse, disabilities, mental health, minorities and substance abuse.