Co-Facilitator Learning Community


The CFLC provides an intentional space for ongoing learning and honing facilitation capacities. It is open to all staff, faculty, students, and community members. A responsive facilitator intentionally engages in discovering and understanding her/his filters, frames, and lenses, which shapes their understanding of self and others. No matter what the formal title, or context at work, one is engaged in facilitating conversations/interactions. Behind every successful communication and interaction is an actively self-aware facilitator. Based upon this assumption, LCICE has developed a unique hybrid participant-facilitator facilitation model.
This allows for the facilitator to continue their learning.

CFLC Expectations

  • During the Fall and Spring Semesters, the CFLC meets every 2 weeks for 2 hours, (DAY AND TIME TO BE DETERMINED BY PARTICIPANTS).
  • If you are serving as a co-facilitator for any LCICE Learning Communities, you will decide with your co-facilitator team the length and frequency of meeting times.
  • You may be asked to join as a co-facilitator to support requests LCICE receives from across campus and beyond for inclusive excellence related programming facilitation.