What is a Citation Manager?

At UW-Madison, you have access to a wide variety of research sources, including books, articles, reports, newspapers, blogs, websites, videos, and more. Software called citation managers can help you save, organize, and share research and citations.

Organizing Your Research

  • The citation managers that UW Libraries support are:
    • EndNote Basic & Desktop Desktop
    • Mendeley
    • Zotero
  • A citation manager allows you to:
    • Import files and citation information like author, date, format, and title.
    • Organize personal research libraries.
    • Share them with classmates and colleagues.
  • Once you import a citation, you can:
    • Link to the original article.
    • Save and take notes on PDFs.
    • Organize your sources using tags or folders.
    • Create bibliographies automatically.
  • To compare citation managers, visit the Citation Manager Comparison Chart