Using Articles Search

This tutorial will cover how to find articles through the UW-Madison libraries’ Article Search function.

Finding the Full Text of an Article in Article Search

To search millions of articles licensed by UW-Madison all at the same time, go to the UW-Madison Libraries’ homepage and choose “Articles” from the drop-down menu above the search bar. You can search by topic search terms or a specific title by typing your terms into the search box that appears.

To find the full text of an article in Article Search, you can select an online link or request a copy.

If the full text of an article is available online, it will sayArticle: Available Online” above the title. Select “Show Online Links.” beneath the article title. This will open a list of links where the article’s full text is available. Select a link to navigate to the full text of the article.

If the full text of an article is not available online, it will sayArticle: Requestable” above the title. Select “Request a copy” beneath the article title to the right of the header Access. UW-Madison Libraries will purchase online access at no cost to you. A PDF copy of the article will be sent to your school email as soon as it is available.

Searching our Comprehensive List of Databases

Although Article Search covers many resources, UW-Madison Libraries have licensed many other databases and millions of other articles that are not searched here.

  1. To search for other articles by subject, return to the UW-Madison Libraries homepage.
  2. Choose “Databases” from the drop-down menu above the search bar. 
  3. Select the “Browse by Subject/Type” link below the Databases search bar. This will take you to a comprehensive list of databases licensed by UW-Madison.