Searching the Library Catalog

The quickest way to find books is by searching the catalog on the main library website.

Finding Books in the Library Catalog

  1. From the UW-Madison Libraries homepage, choose “Catalog” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter a book title, author name, or other subject keywords into the search box and press “Enter” on your keyboard.
  3. From the results page, you can select a book title to see its full record, which provides more information about the book, as well as where to find the book.

Advanced Search

  • If you want to have more control over search results, you can try an “Advanced Search” within the library catalog
    • On the UW-Madison Libraries homepage, the “Advanced Search” option is in the left-hand corner under the Catalog search box.
    • The options within the advanced catalog search window allow you to limit searches by:
      • Subject
      • Call number
      • Publication Year
      • And more…
  • There is a “Format” list to your right on the advanced search page screen. It is underlined in blue. This list will give you options for limiting the format of media sources returned with your search results.
  • Above the “Format” option, on your right, there is the option to select “Locations,” including specific UW-Madison Libraries and other UW campuses’ libraries. You can limit searches to a specific library or libraries by clicking on “Locations,” clicking on a UW campus, and then clicking on a library.
  • Under the “Format” option, on your right, there is the option to select “Language.” You can limit your search to only include items in a particular language or languages by selecting the options that are listed.