Refining Your Library Catalog Search Results

There are many ways to refine a Library Catalog search to get fewer and more relevant results.

Refining Options

You can narrow your results to make them more relevant using the following options:

  • Available Online
  • Print/Physical Items
  • Limit to UW-Madison
  • Libraries
  • Formats
  • Media
  • Subjects
  • Authors
  • Languages
  • Places
  • Years

After you have completed a Library Catalog search:

  • select one of the check boxes under the search bar or any link in the drop-down menus (choices mentioned above) labeled “Filter By.” You may have to scroll down to see all of the options. This will reduce the number of your results. The remaining results should be more relevant.
  • You can remove refining options you select by unchecking the box, or clicking the X in the box by the Filter name which will appear above your search results