Finding a Specific Article

While you cannot search for individual article titles in the library catalog, you can search for the title of the journal the article is published within. Once you’ve found the correct journal, you can then search for a specific article within that journal using databases.

Locate the Journal

  1. Starting from the UW-Madison Libraries’ homepage, select “Journals” from the drop-down menu above the search box, then select “Citation Search.” 
  2. Add the journal title to the search box and hit Enter or Return on your keyboard to search. If you prefer, you can enter a DOI or Pubmed ID instead of the title.
  3. Locate your journal title from the available options and select the title to view options. 
  4. Under Online Access, select the database that includes the year from your citation.

Access the Article

  1. Locate your article by either browsing for your volume and issue, or by searching for the article title within the database’s journal record page.
  2. Once you locate an article record:
    • look for the full text version: PDF, HMTL, or Linked
    • If there is not a full text version, select Find It at UW-Madison
      • If full text is unavailable:
        • you may select “Look for Print and Other Formats in the Library Catalog” to search for a print version of the journal
        • Or select “Request a Copy” to request an electronic copy via Interlibrary Loan