Cite Sources

This page provides help in noting what information to include in citations, selecting a citation style, and offering popular citation managers.

What Information to Include

  • Information for articles: author(s), title, source title, volume/issue, date, page range, URL (Web address) and date accessed if an online source.
  • Information for books: author(s)/editor(s), title(s), publisher, publisher location, date, and pages used.
  • Information for Web page(s): author(s), title, last update date, date accessed, and URL (Web address).

What Citation Style to Use?

  • There are many different citation or documentation styles such as MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Check with your instructor to determine which style you should use. Different areas of study (e.g., history, medicine, psychology) tend to use specific citation styles.
  • Help is available at the UW-Madison Writing Center. Take a look at their Writer’s Handbook.

Use a citation manager to organize your citations.