EZProxy Help

The remote access server EZProxy does two things:

  1. Validates you as a current student, faculty or staff of UW-Madison by use of an assigned name and password
  2. Acts as a gateway to resources that are licensed or otherwise restricted to UW-Madison

If you click on a link to a resource, you will get a Remote Access for UW-Madison Faculty, Staff, and Students screen. You can use your campus NetID and password to login.

Some general tips:

  • Always begin from https://www.library.wisc.edu for access
  • Direct links or bookmarks may bypass the remote access/proxy system, resulting in your not being recognized as being affiliated with UW-Madison and not getting access

Other Problems Using Resources

Some security software such as Norton Internet Security should be completely deactivated. After deactivation, restart your workstation and try using the resources again.

Software such as Google Web Accelerator, which make use of their own proxy server, may need to be disabled so that the library remote access system can work correctly.

Additional Help

For further assistance, send an email to the Library Technology Group Help Desk. The Help Desk can also be reached by phone at 608-262-8880 during business hours. If you are having trouble using a specific resource, please report the name of this resource so we can check access.

Questions about searching these resources should be directed to our reference staff at any of the campus libraries.