What Was New?

What has been new in the past?

Here we gather a few of the changes we’ve made to the catalog.  See the “What’s new?” page for our most record changes.

March 4, 2016

New features:

  • You can now navigation from full record to record in the search results. To select the option after conducting a search, click on the “Brief” link above the search results display and select the “Single item” option.  The results will then display in the single item view with previous and next links and a position indicator shown above the the full catalog record.
  • You can view also select the “Detailed” search results view that shows publication and availability at the same time in the search results list.  In this view we do not show publication covers so that we can reduce the vertical height of each record.
  • You can now share the the search URL, which includes the current position within the search results, with others.  This can be useful when helping a patron with gnarly search problem.  But there is a caveat to be aware of.  Indexing does affect the relative position of records in search results as records are added, removed, or updated.  We update our indexes twice a day, including an update in the early afternoon.  So, it’s possible that a search URL will return slightly different results as it ages.  This has always been so, but its effect is more noticeable in the single item view.

December 10, 2015

We’ve release several improvements to the catalog:

  • The new “Online Access” facet appears at the top of the lefhand facets block and improves the visibility of a very important facet.
  • Vernacular support has been improved for contributors and series.

New features:

  • Uniform titles are now displayed in search results and full records.
  • A new content type block appears to full records below the subject block, when content types are present in the record.
  • Advanced search now includes a series search.

October 20, 2015

New feature:

  • You can save titles to a list associated with your library account that is stored for later access.  You can add items to your list or remove them over time, and you can email the list to yourself or print it.

May 20, 2015

What’s new with our catalog?

In one sense, not a lot.  The design of our catalog has been updated to match the Library’s web site theme.  There are a couple of new features, but the information we provide about our collections and our approach to organizing it are largely the same as they have been over the last several years.

In another sense, however, pretty much everything is new.  The Library has implemented a new library system, the system that manages your requests and loans, that keeps track of the resources we own and where they are, and that we use to purchase and catalog the new resources we procure for our community.  We have rebuilt our catalog to work with the new system.  Much has been accomplished:  we support all of the basics including search and subject browse, the ability to refine and limit the scope of search results through facets, to request an item, to review and renew loans, to view account information, and to pay fines or fees (not that you would have any).

And we have added a couple of new features:

  • You can follow the link to an electronic item directly from a search results list.
  • You can view and request specific issues of a journal or specific volumes of a multiple volume work collected under a single title.
  • You can renew all of your loans with a single click.

There are some improvements:

  • We worked to remove conflicting signals about whether an item is available on the shelf, for check out, to be viewed online, or to be requested, particularly for complex cases:  books with multiple copies in many locations, and journals with multiple issues or a mix of electronic versions available online and print versions on the shelf.
  • We have improved how the catalog works on mobile devices.

And some changes:

  • The digital collections that had been included in the catalog are being moved to their own search interface, slated for release later this year.
  • UW Madison patrons can log into their account only with their campus NetID.

Because we’ve rebuilt the catalog from the ground up, some features of the old catalog are still in the works:

  • This summer we plan to restore and to improve the ability to make lists of items and to email or export them.  We’re still considering how best to do this, but we’re thinking about supporting named lists to reflect the fact that you are likely to have more than one research project underway and that you work on these projects over time rather than in one sitting.

We plan to update this page with release notes as we plan and add new features.  Check back from time to time and follow our progress.

Finally, let us know what you think and what features you would like to see: contact us.