What’s New?

What’s new with our catalog?

Something we call Coordinated Discovery.  The catalog is now part of a broader discovery platform that also provides search for databases and for journals, and will provide search for digital collections later this summer.  Two features of coordinated discovery have been released so far.  First, the search categories—articles, catalog, databases, journals, UWDC—are listed across the top of the page in order the make the categories more visible and easier to select.  Second, a search conducted in one category will be forwarded to another category and executed there when you navigate to it.  This makes it easier to start searching in one search category and then to switch to another category without having to start searching again from scratch.  See our “Coordinated Discovery” page for more information about our plans.

Other new features:

  • The new journals category supports search for the same serials items found in the main catalog to provide a shorter path to these very commonly sought resources.
  • The look and feel has been updated to match the University’s web design practices in order to more clearly identify the Libraries within their institutional context.
  • In the catalog category, the search scope now defaults to UW System for print resources but excludes electronic resources not available to UW Madison affiliates.  The change reflects the insight that a request for a print resource looks the same whether the item is on a shelf a campus library, in Verona storage, or at another UW System campus.  We now show the libraries facet in UW System scope but we limit the libraries we show to Madison campus libraries.

May 22, 2017

For earlier notes on release see “What Was New?“.