History-GeneralArchival Sites for Women's Studies page of WSSLINKS.
History-General Celebration of Women Writers site, edited by Mary Mark Ockerbloom, and the Online Books Page, by John Mark Ockerbloom, both mounted by the University of Pennsylvania Digital Library.
History-GeneralClick! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution is an an exhibit that highlights the achievements of women from the 1940s to the present. This exhibit explores the power and complexity of gender consciousness in modern American life.
History-GeneralDiscovering Women’s History Online By Ken Middleton, Todd Library, Middle Tennessee State University. Source for finding digital collections by topic.
History-GeneralH-Women Discussion List on Women’s History maintains a site with syllabi, discussion threads, bibliographies arranged by subject, and more.
History-GeneralHerstory: The Origins and Continued Relevancy of Black Feminist Thought in the United States – Cherise Charleswell
History-GeneralLost Womyn's Space project is to commemorate and honor lost womyn's space both ancient and modern. This can mean anything from lost women's colleges and schools, to lesbian bars and clubs.
History-GeneralMakers was launched in 2012, AOL’s MAKERS is a storytelling platform for the trailblazing women of today and tomorrow. Today, MAKERS.com features more than 4,500 original videos and more than 400 MAKERS interviews.
History-Generalpage of links to historical websites relevant to women of the United States
History-GeneralNational Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) for the U.S. and National Archives (U.K.) for U.K. sites.
History-GeneralNational Women’s History Project (NWHP) is known nationally as the only clearinghouse providing information and training in multicultural women's history for educators, community organizations, and parents-for anyone wanting to expand their understanding of women contributions to U. S.
History-GeneralSpare Rib was an active part of the emerging women's liberation movement in the late 20th century. Running from 1972 - 93, this now iconic magazine challenged the stereotyping and exploitation of women, while supporting collective, realistic solutions to the hurdles women faced. The British Library has a digitized collection of Spare Rib.
History-GeneralSuppressed Histories Archives uncovers the realities of women’s lives, internationally and across time, asking questions about patriarchy and slavery, conquest and aboriginality. About mother-right, female spheres of power, indigenous philosophies of spirit– and the historical chemistry of their repression. Even more important, their role in resisting oppression.
History-GeneralTeach Women's History Guide, provided on FM’s website in 1995, gives a sample approach to teaching women's history, including topic breakdowns and bibliography.
History-GeneralThe Rialto Report is a series of podcasts dedicated to expanding the historical record on the adult entertainment industry between the early 1960s and the mid-1980s.
History-GeneralThe Transgender Oral History Project is a community-driven effort to collect and share a diverse range of stories from within the transgender and gender variant communities.
History-GeneralWomen’s History Sites is part of WSSLINKS Women and Gender Studies web site of the Women’s Studies Section, American Library Association. Includes sites with resources for celebrating Women’s History Month.
History-GeneralWomen’s Studies in Digital Archives provides access to primary source materials for women’s studies within digital archives. It is a project of the Women’s Studies Section, American Library Association.
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