Sylvia Plath’s curiosity and ferocity made her want to do and be everything, and this database of scholarly books named for her helps reveal the expansive lives and contributions of women, girls, and transgender people. The works for researchers, noteworthy memoirs, and books of significance with broad appeal mostly published since 2010 are selected to cover the globe. With its robust and inclusive subject categories and topics, advanced search options, links to publishers’ websites, and citations ready to copy to a bibliography, Sylvia is designed to assist on a broad range of projects.

Sylvia is a digital extension of New Books on Women, Gender, and Feminism, a bibliography that was published for 30 years. Its first issue was a typed newsletter copied onto colored paper, stapled, and handed from person to person—immediately and directly connecting readers with resources. Through its updated format, Sylvia can increase access to this long-standing project, and scholarship should get into even more hands.

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