DVDs and Videos


WOMEN’S AUDIOVISUALS IN ENGLISH (WAVE) is a database we maintain that lists documentary, experimental, and feature film and video productions by and about women. The information has been drawn entirely from distributors’ and producers’ catalogs and websites, reviews in periodicals, filmographies, reference works, and library catalogs; in most cases we have not examined the materials themselves. WAVE is NOT a record of the holdings of the University of Wisconsin libraries, nor are we a distributor for any material listed. We provide the distributor’s name directly within the individual record, but further contact information is in a separate file linked from each WAVE entry.

Videos in the Library Catalog

Videos in UW-Madison campus libraries are catalogued in the Library Catalog. Simply perform your search and then pick the format “Videos…”

Here’s a search set of all DVDs with the subject word “women,” “feminist,” “feminism,” or “lesbian.” Just those in English-language.