Earlier Publications

SPEAKING OUT: WOMEN, POVERTY, AND PUBLIC POLICY, edited by Katherine A. Rhoades and Anne Statham, the Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Women’s Studies Conference, University of Wisconsin System Women’s Studies Consortium, October 29-31, 1998. The collection of papers offer a variety of viewpoints on the topic of welfare reform. The authors provide historical perspectives and policy critiques, examine how welfare reform is taking place in various states in the U.S., and report on what the idea of welfare means in other countries. Some studies offer resources and strategies for teaching about poverty in the classroom, while others discuss the experience of welfare recipients, and some analyze literary explorations of poverty. Several scholars speak from the viewpoint of having themselves been poor and/or on welfare at some point.

SPEAKING OUT is a PDF file, which can be viewed using an Acrobat Reader. Go directly to an article by clicking on opening page number from the table of contents. Click on the magnifying glass icon and on a page of the document to enlarge the text for on screen reading. Click on the binoculars icon to search the text. Another useful navigational aid (third from left) presents thumbnails of the pages on the left side of the screen. To print or download sections, note the page numbers desired, then select print from the file menu and enter those page numbers as the print range. To read contributors’ biographies, click on the contributors’ names at top of articles. Further help navigating pdf files can be found under the “Help” menu from the Reader.

WOMEN, RACE AND ETHNICITY: A BIBLIOGRAPHY, edited by Linda Shult, Susan Searing, and Elli Lester-Massman (1991), is an annotated, selective bibliography of 2,459 books, anthology chapters, special issues of journals, articles, and nonprint materials. Detailed subject indexing leads to material on Black, Latina, Asian/Pacific, American Indian, Jewish, and Euro-American women.

All listings in WOMEN, RACE AND ETHNICITY: A BIBLIOGRAPHY have also been incorporated into Women’s Studies International which is available on campuses subscribing to this database (the link here will only work for UW-Madison).