Feminist Periodicals

(ISSN 0742-7433 through v. 27, no. 4 and ISSN 1941-725X thereafter, online-only; volume 38 and on will be housed on our open access platform here)

An open access repository of 150 journal and magazine contents pages updated quarterly for researchers browsing the current literature in Gender and Women’s Studies.

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The first issue of Feminist Periodicals was published in print in 1981, and the journal has gone through three iterations: initially put together using scissors, glue, and a copier; it became a PDF format in 2008, and now ten years later, it has moved from a static, unsearchable format to an Omeka digital collections site. The Omeka platform allows users to browse items, search (choosing between keyword, Boolean, and exact match in an advanced search option), and view the entire annotated list of over 150 periodicals.

If you would like to see FP issues from 1981 to 2017, please go to our institutional repository here.

Terms and Conditions of Use

FEMINIST PERIODICALS, copyright Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, is available online at no charge. Issues may be downloaded and printed or stored electronically. When FEMINIST PERIODICALS is used as a source for research or other purposes, appropriate credit should be noted. For further questions about use, contact the University of Wisconsin System Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian.