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Guidelines and Procedures for Electronic Text Projects

TEI Markup

TEI encoding guidelines can be found in Guidelines for Markup of Electronic Texts.

Entity Definition Files

For the current interface software to locate images, entity definition files must be constructed as follows:

  1. Entity definitions must be constructed for the reference size of each figure to be displayed.
  2. All sizes of any specific image must use the same image type (GIF, JPEG, etc.), but different image entities may be of different types.
  3. Each entity name must exactly match the value of the entity attribute of the <figure>element invoking it. Entity names and values are case sensitive!
  4. The path to the image should consist only of that part of the full path that will be used in the URL; that is, the directories under [username]/[projectID]/htdocs/. In almost all cases, this path will start with data/[...].
  5. The interface software does not detect (well–formed) entity definitions that have been commented out. They will be treated as valid definitions.
  6. The interface will use the first matching definition found in the file. Subsequent redefinitions will not be detected.

Sample Definitions:

  <!ENTITY botanic  SYSTEM "data/NolenMadsn/images/reference/botanicr.jpg" NDATA jpeg>
  <!-- the following definition will be used!!
  <!ENTITY UNCArb   SYSTEM "data/NolenMadsn/images/reference/UNCArbr.jpg"  NDATA jpeg>