Resources for the UW Colleges Images Digitization Project, 2016

Slide deck from Jan. 26 training session

UW Colleges checklist


Database Access

UW Colleges Metadata Guide

UW Colleges Subject Headings

Creating Titles for Historic Photographs


We are assuming that copyrights to the images you select belong to the Board of Regents. If any do not, you will have to clear copyright permissions for those images as necessary. If you are unsure, contact Scott and/or Yvonne for assistance. All metadata will be placed under the Public Domain and made available to third parties (i.e. DPLA) with goal of making materials more discoverable.


If you will be scanning materials locally, feel free to review our reformatting guidelines here.

Organizing Materials for Shipment

For Text:

Provide a full inventory with title, publication information and author. Basically, we need enough information to know what we have received.

Print out catalog records, if available, and put inside the front cover of each book.

For Archival Collections: (gray box may be needed for shipping)

Provide a full inventory.

If you have a finding aid, please print or provide electronically. We will organize the digital collection based on the finding aid and can provide you with permanent URLs for EADs.

For Images:

If possible, write the local identifier, in pencil, on the back of photographs or on the slide encasement.

Provide very clear directions and a description of how the images/slides are organized. This is the only way that we can match your items to your metadata if you cannot write on the items.

Keep items in order. For example, box 1 holds slides 0001 through 0075. Please keep the items in numerical order and let us know that order.

Shipping Materials

You can have your items shipped to the UWDCC in Madison via the Red Box system of SCLS Delivery Service. Visit their website here: http://www.sclsdelivery.info/sclspages/sclsshipping.htm. The easiest way to ship may be to go to your campus’s mail service and ask them to assist you in prepping a red bin for shipment.

After you have filled the bins please be sure to clearly mark the recipient and sender addresses. When delivering materials to UWDCC please use the following address:

UW Digital Collections Center
Attention: Jesse Henderson
431 Memorial Library
728 State Street
Madison, WI 53706

You should also clearly mark who the bin is from. If there is any problem with the delivery, SCLS will then know who to contact.

Include inside the red or gray bin an internal packing slip with the following information:

  • Institution
  • Project Coordinator (name and contact information)
  • Project name
  • Inventory of box contents
  • Total inventory (e.g. 1 of 3 boxes shipped)

When packing your boxes, use acid-free packing materials if possible, pack tightly, but don’t over-stuff.

Final product

A single page for the UW Colleges collection will be created, and will likely look something like this collection page, with one single banner image and a thumbnail image representing each college. Clicking on a single thumbnail image will take you to our Guided Search page where the sub-collection choice will already be pointed to each campus’s collection, as you can see by this example.


The UWDCC does general outreach and promotion for its collections and services. See our news blog (https://cms.library.wisc.edu/digital-library-services/blog-home/), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/UWDigiCollec/), and Twitter (http://twitter.com/UWDigiCollec) pages. Content providers agree that we can use your content in our outreach. You are free and encouraged to do your own promotional outreach.


Yvonne Niesen (metadata questions) & Scott Silet (all other questions)