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We work with UW faculty, staff and community members to create, manage, and make available digital materials, from rare books, to images from research trips, to faculty research and data. There are different types of projects depending on the material and the process.

What does a repository (Minds@UW) project look like?

Materials appropriate for MINDS@UW may include:

  • Multimedia. Podcasts, screencasts, Flash animations, video lectures.
  • Working papers and technical reports.
  • Learning objects.
  • Datasets and supporting materials for research.
  • Preprints and postprints of journal articles.
  • Conference slides, proceedings, and papers.
  • Student research.
  • Websites.

Start a repository project by contacting repository manager, Cameron Cook.


What does a UW Digital Collections project look like?

Often, a project for UWDC may be made up of materials that:

  • do not circulate, e.g. rare books, materials from Special Collections
  • enhance an existing digital collection
  • are unique, e.g. not previously digitized nor available online in any format
  • high use, regularly requested by UW faculty or students
  • are distinctive and have potential for academic use and general education interest (K-12)
  • can be shared without restriction (e.g. are in the public domain, permission can be obtained, etc.)
  • are visually appealing (images, maps, plates from books)
  • need scanning and are curated

Examples of projects: photographs/slides from research that are used in lectures and classroom; rare books; oversize maps; historic departmental research.

Start a project with UW Digital Collections by checking out our brief Submitting a Proposal Guidelines.

Still not sure? Fill out this simple project form and we’ll help figure it out.