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Staff Information

  • Cameron Cook
    Digital Curation Coordinator
  • Steven Dast
    Digital Asset Librarian
    Reformatting Services Unit, UWDCC
  • Peter Gorman
    Digital Preservation Officer
    Head, UWDCC
  • Jesse Henderson
    Digital Services Librarian
    Production Manager, UWDCC
  • Lee Konrad
    Associate University Librarian
    Technology Strategies and Data Services
  • Scott Prater
    Digital Library Analyst
  • Karen Rattunde
    Digital Library Metadata Strategist
    Digital Library Metadata Unit, UWDCC
  • Mackenzie Reynolds
    Digital Conversion Specialist
    Reformatting Services Unit, UWDCC
  • Betsy Robbins
    Senior Academic Librarian
    Digital Library Metadata Unit, UWDCC
  • Brian Sheppard
    Digital Library Systems Analyst
    Shared Development Group / UWDCC

Shared Development Group

The Shared Development Group (SDG) (along with DoIT) develops the architecture underpinning the indexing, delivery, and discovery of the UWDC resources, including the indexing and search functions, and their interfaces.

The UWDCC would like to acknowledge the contributions of those former staff who helped found and develop the UW Digital Collections including Kirstin Dougan, Tom Durkin, Amy Rudersdorf, Lisa Saywell, Charles Dean, Elizabeth Baker, Liz Hust, Kevin Meilander, Dave Zwicky, Jessica Williams, Nathan Rogers, Linda Duychak, Vicki Tobias, Leah Ujda, Dorothea Salo, Pat Tuchscherer, Carolin Kauten, Melissa McLimans, Sona Pastel-Daneshgar, Cat Phan, Jennie Bastian, and our many talented undergraduate and graduate student staff.