Library COVID-19 Dashboard

Library COVID-19 Dashboard
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About Digital Library Services

Our goals:

  • Provide the greatest possible access to research content, whether held by the libraries or by our partners, in support of University programs and initiatives.
  • Make research and instructional content readily available in digital formats compatible with current technology, tools, and services.
  • Prioritize the digitization of materials that are unique or are of high value to the scholarly community.
  • Guide researchers in managing their data as well as providing access to datasets.
  • Provide tools for easy discovery and navigation of digital content.
  • Educate faculty, researchers, and other staff in the creation and effective use of digital content.
  • Provide a stable, scalable, and sustainable platform for the delivery and long-term management of digital content.
  • Preserve our digital content for future generations.

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Data Services

We can provide guidance on managing your research data and give you access to the datasets you need to complete your research.


MINDS@UW was designed to gather, distribute, and preserve digital materials related to the University of Wisconsin’s research and instructional mission. Content may include research papers and reports, pre-prints and post-prints, datasets and other primary research materials, theses, student projects, conference papers and presentations, and other born-digital or digitized research materials.


The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center was formed to be the utility that digitizes, provides access to, and maintains digital projects. Since that time, the UWDCC has digitized over two-million objects, developed and implemented technologies to enhance digital collections, and partnered with a variety of content providers to create illustrative and valuable digital resources.