June is National Dairy Month

June 20, 2012

As June Dairy Month Goes, So Goes the Nation.

The first June Dairy Month in Wisconsin was celebrated back in 1939. Modeled after National Milk Month, Dairy Month was intended to showcase the national dairy industry, always important to Wisconsin, in the face of drastic milk surpluses and plummeting milk prices. Early June Dairy Months included grocery displays, newspaper advertisements, and radio “milk talks” spots (donated by stations like WTMJ and WISN). In 1944, the concerns of the dairy industry had changed dramatically. June Dairy Month during the war years promoted dairy and the dairyman as “vital to victory” and worked to “portray the supreme effort being put into winning the ward by they dairy industry.”

By 1950, June Dairy Month was promoting June as the month in which “when Nature’s bounty is most abundant and our dairy herds achieve their greatest and best production” and science was used to back up health claims. Students experimented with white rats and milk to show the healthful qualities of milk. The experiments were supported and and sponsored by the Dairy Council.

Read more about June Dairy Month in past issues of the Milwaukee Milk Producer and other historic publications in the State of Wisconsin Collection.
Milwaukee milk producer. Volume 12, number 2