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UWDC is migrating the backend of its collections into Fedora, an open-source repository software. This migration will be happening during 2018 and details of the process are outlined here.

Earlier this year, UWDCC acquired a new contraption that has since made our jobs of digitally capturing and formatting materials immensely easier.

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Alias Jimmy Valentine, memory sequence

Alias Jimmy Valentine, memory sequence. Directed by Maurice Tourneur, 1915.

Theatre to Cinema

The centerpiece of this collection is a reprint of Theatre to Cinema: Stage Pictorialism and the Early Feature Film, by Ben Brewster and Lea Jacobs first published by Oxford University Press in 1997. While previous accounts of the relationship between cinema and theatre have tended to assume that early filmmakers had to break away from the stage in order to establish a specific aesthetic for the new medium, Theatre to Cinema argues that the cinema turned to the pictorial, spectacular tradition of the theatre in the 1910s to establish a model for feature filmmaking.

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