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A postcard of a partially submerged Statue of Liberty on frozen Lake Mendota as part of a prank by the Pail and Shovel party. The back reads, "Ms. Liberty at high tide."

by Jennifer Jiang Forty years ago, in February of 1979, the Statue of Liberty showed up at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Pail and Shovel Party of the Wisconsin Student Association […]

James Watrous was known for his art, his dedication as a professor, and a champion of art stewardship on campus. He was instrumental in the establishment of the first art museum on the UW-Madison campus, the Elvehjem Museum of Art.

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Alias Jimmy Valentine, memory sequence

Alias Jimmy Valentine, memory sequence. Directed by Maurice Tourneur, 1915.

Theatre to Cinema

The centerpiece of this collection is a reprint of Theatre to Cinema: Stage Pictorialism and the Early Feature Film, by Ben Brewster and Lea Jacobs first published by Oxford University Press in 1997. While previous accounts of the relationship between cinema and theatre have tended to assume that early filmmakers had to break away from the stage in order to establish a specific aesthetic for the new medium, Theatre to Cinema argues that the cinema turned to the pictorial, spectacular tradition of the theatre in the 1910s to establish a model for feature filmmaking.

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  • #TinyTuesday is back with a collection of #chapbooks from the 1800s! Swipe to view the cover of Giddy Gertrude (with Illustrations of a little girl with a vegetable basket), the cover of The Two Sisters, or, the Old Fairy. (with color illustration of a woman walking around a well) and more. These chapbooks were Originally published in early 19th century. #DigitalCollections ⠀
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  • It’s #NationalAlmondDay, but all we could think of was the village in Portage County, Wisconsin. This lithographic paper map of Almond is dated back to 1965, from the U.S. Geological Survey. #DigitalCollections #LibrariesofInstagram ⠀
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  • #ValentinesDay Dating economics— Two couples sharing one cola, ca. 1954. #DigitalCollections ⠀
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  • Abraham Lincoln was born #OnThisDay in 1809. While Lincoln was not responsible for the founding of the UW, he helped passing legislation including the “Education Bill of Rights” that allowed the university to grow. ⠀
Image from the UW-Madison Collection. ID: UW.uwar09215.bib⠀
  • Still thinking about the Statue of Liberty on campus last weekend? Here’s a 1979 postcard of the Lady Liberty. The back reads, "Ms. Liberty at high tide." The Statue of Liberty was built on Lake Mendota in February 1979 by the Pail and Shovel Party, which had gained control of the Wisconsin Student Association in the spring of 1978. #DigitalCollections