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Retirement of Library Course Pages (LCP)

As of August 2018 the Libraries retired Library Course Pages and transitioned to a Canvas-based reserves interface. While this is a change in our service delivery model, the level of service offered will remain much the same. Below you will find information related to physical reserve items (books, videos, course packets, etc.) and E-reserves (links to library licensed resources, free web resources, and files).

LCP pages from previous semesters

Previous LCP content is now in long-term storage. Contact Brooke Schenk if you have questions about archived content.

Physical Reserves

The process for submitting reserves requests at your chosen library will remain the same. The lists of physical reserves materials will be accessible via Libraries Course Reading Lists on the library website and an instructor’s Canvas course page.

For instructions on adding a Library Course Reading List to your Canvas course, please see this KB article


E-reserves will now be e-readings and hosted within Canvas. While this will no longer be a library hosted service, library staff are available to assist with creating e-reading pages within Canvas. This may include converting old LCP pages to Canvas pages, creating new content, or managing files and links. LCP pages from previous semesters will remain available to instructors in case there is content (files, links, etc.) that needs to be transferred onto a Canvas e-reading page.

The benefits of Canvas based e-reserves:

  • E-reading pages can be added to Canvas providing a more seamless experience for students and instructors when accessing e-readings
  • Instructors will have control over the content and organization of their e-reading pages including making changes without contacting reserves staff
  • Instructors can copy e-reading pages from one semester to the next without having to go through library staff
  • Library staff can assist with or consult on matters related to link and file management, copyright and fair use

Please contact Campus Libraries Curricular Content Librarian, Brooke Schenk with questions and concerns.