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Arthropods (insects) in Art

July 1 – August 31, 2009

FairningtonSpecimenOn view are selected art and artists’ books that explore the world of arthropods (insects): butterflies, beetles, bees, wasps, flies, ants, cicadas, mosquitoes and more!  Throughout history, artists have depicted the most diverse group of animals on earth in both symbolic and naturalistic ways.   Insects can be found filling marginalia of Medieval psalters and illuminated manuscripts, documenting scientific discoveries in natural history paintings, fooling the eye (trompe l’oeil) in Renaissance still lives, and creating kaleidoscopic installations of iridescent colors and exotic shapes or contemporary cabinets of curiosity. It’s summertime!  Enjoy the world of arthropods both inside and outside the Kohler Art Library!

Curated by Lyn Korenic and Jaime Healy-Plotkin of the Kohler Art Library.

Image from:  Mark Fairnington.  Dead or Alive.  London, UK: Black Dog Pub., c2002.