• All About Me: Book Arts

    Vision, Strength, Access - VSA Arts of Wisconsin - proudly presents a variety of books created by students with disabilities who participated in an “All About Me” artist residency.


  • Cartoneras: Book Arts from Latin America

    Showcasing the work of young writers and artists from various Latin American countries, this exhibit contains a sampling of "cartonera" books on loan from the Special Collections Department, Memorial Library.


  • Arthropods (insects) in Art

    On view are selected art and artists’ books that explore the world of arthropods (insects): butterflies, beetles, bees, wasps, flies, ants, cicadas, mosquitoes and more!


  • The Vandercook Proof Press Celebrates Its 100th Birthday (1909-2009)

    On view are diverse folios from "The Vandercook Book," a limited edition artists' book published by Barbara Henry and Roni Gross to celebrate the centennial of the Vandercook Proof Press.


  • Framework: Architectural Books

    How is a staircase like a book or a wall like a page? Karen Wirth explores the relationships between books and architecture through artist’s books, sculpture and public art.


  • A Winter Walk through the Artists' Book Collection

    Words and images describing the frosty mountain air, crystalline formation of ice, sparkling snowflake, and winter wind celebrate the season that begins and ends each year.