The Book Artistry of Xu Bing

September 1-30, 2004

XuBing_copyChinese-born artist Xu Bing works in a variety of mediums, from the graphic art of woodblock printing, which he incorporates in his artists’ books, to large scale installations, such as the “net of words” based on a passage from Thoreau currently on display upstairs in the Elvehjem Museum of Art’s Paige Court. The Kohler Art Library’s collection is fortunate to include two of Xu Bing’s artist’s books: Tianshu or Book from the Sky and Square Word Calligraphy, which are on exhibit in conjunction with the Elvehjem Museum of Art’s exhibition of “The Net,” and “Xu Bing: The Glassy Surface of a Lake.” Xu Bing’s books, like his installations and drawings, are works of fine art that deal with the written word and altered meanings.

Curated by Lyn Korenic and Rob Nurre.

Image:  work by artist Xu Bing