An Artist with a Mission: Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

February 1-29, 2004

Kennedy_copyThe Kohler Art Library features an exhibit of alumni book artist and fine printer, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., from February 1-29, 2004. Kennedy employs historic printing methods through which he expresses his socio-political views about such topics as: the vulnerability of children, his African heritage, and community activism. Kennedy specializes in old-world traditions of creating paper by hand from pulp, typesetting text, illustration of African symbolism, and covering his books with African mud cloth. Kennedy’s passion for book art is evidenced in his cover-to-cover creations of books in a variety of non-traditional forms, such as wearable charm books. Viewing Kennedy’s work is an exercise in consciousness, you will be moved.

Curated by Nola P. Walker, SLIS doctoral student.

Image from:  Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.  Strange Fruit.  Oak Park, Ill.: Jubilee Press, 1994.