Key Issues

The URMAG recognizes that records and record keeping have undergone dramatic changes in recent years and many of our administrative, teaching, and research processes are now totally digitally based or soon will be. Personal computing, digital imaging, document duplication, and the growing use of information technology have expanded both the types of information resources and the volume of records that need to be managed. All of these factors combine to increase vulnerability and associated risks to the University in the management of its institutional information resources.

The URMAG have identified the following as major records and information management issues for the campus:

  • Promote the adoption of Records and Information Management best practices regarding the creation, protection, management, retrieval, disposition, and preservation of university records in accordance with the “The Principles”.
  • Recommend and endorse a university wide strategic approach to the management of university information assets through the integration of records and information management initiatives into the campus infrastructure through university-wide guidelines and procedures for the management of university information assets including the creation and management of university records retention schedules.
  • Safeguards the University’s information assets regardless of format or media though the collaboration with the University’s IT Community and the Chief Information Security Officer and recommendation for records management tools to improve the management university electronic records.
  • Support university wide records management education and training efforts.
  • Provide review and approval of university- wide records retention schedules for submission to the Wisconsin Public Records Board. Per Wis. Stats. 16, endorse guidance and training for the UW campus.

Strategic partnerships with information technology and other campus stakeholders will be needed to meet these challenges. The survivability of University archival records depends upon a collaborative infrastructure that supports electronic records management. By working together we can ensure the University’s valuable information resources are organized, protected, retained, and remain accessible over time.