Step 4. Complete the Archives Transmittal Form

Here are instructions for completing each part of the Archives Transmittal Form.

  • Name of Transmitting Office: Your department/office name.
  • Title and Dates of Records: Title by which this group of records is commonly known. (It should agree with the title shown on the RDA.) Include the inclusive dates of records in this shipment.
  • Volume of Records: The total number of cubic feet in the shipment. A standard record center carton is one cubic foot, so total volume will normally equal the number of cartons in the shipment.
  • RDA Number: The Records Retention/Disposition Authorization (RDA) covering the record series. This number can be found on the RDA form in the upper right hand corner. It is in the shaded area, labeled “Sequential #.”
  • Comments: Things that do not fit anywhere else on the form. List any special conditions relating to the processing of, access to, or disposition of the records. The Archives, and others in your office, will be using this form to retrieve the records years from now, so any comments about peculiarities in the records or the transmittal will aid retrieval in the future by those unfamiliar with the contents.
  • Full Name of Person Preparing Shipment; Office Address; Telephone; Email Address: Name and phone number of person packing the boxes, and preparing this inventory. We may need to contact you–and need more than just a first name. This person must be a permanent employee of the department.
  • UDDS
  • Date of Transmittal
  • Do these records contain… These entries serve to alert the Archives when the records contain materials that are not open records or that contain confidential information under Wisconsin law.
  • Inventory Section: List the contents of each records storage carton. Normally, this will be a listing of the folder headings, although that is not necessary in all cases. Inventories should be detailed enough to enable your office’s staff to identify a record they need to retrieve, and to enable the Archives staff to retrieve a requested file and return it to you.