Step 3. Pack Records in Boxes and Label

Packing Boxes The records should be packed in the cartons in the same arrangement as they appeared in the file drawer; records must not be removed from their original file folders and/or jackets, nor should any portion of the records be discarded unless so stipulated by the governing records schedule. For general guidelines, see step #1 above. Letter-size folders fit in the cartons front to back and legal size fit side to side.

NOTE: Disks, CDs, DVDs and other media should not be packed inside cartons with paper records. Separate handling of these media is required for adequate preservation. If you have electronic media to transfer, please contact the Archives.

All boxes of a given records series are to be numbered consecutively.

Boxes must NOT be over packed. Enough space should remain inside the box so that records can be retrieved and so the handles of the box may be used properly. Over packing causes the boxes to split and collapse. When the records center cartons are packed properly, they are easy to handle and contents can easily be removed for reference.

Offices should be mindful of health and safety regulations regarding weight. If the type of material to be transferred is of a nature that a full box could weigh 35 pounds or more, the boxes should not be packed full, and alternative containers may be advisable.

Labeling Boxes

The records center carton has a label form printed on one end of the box, and each box must be clearly labeled as to office of origin, contents, and dates. It is strongly recommended that only one records series be placed in a box. If two records series must be placed in the same box, the box label must indicate that fact clearly. In addition, the two series must have the same retention period and the same final disposition.


Agency 285A-UW-Madison Box No. 1
Division L & S -German Department
Beg. End Dates 1980-1985
Title of Record Series Administrative Correspondence and Policy Making
RDA No. 00569000
From 1-1-1980 Thru 12-31-1985