Campus Partners

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Transferring Materials from Campus Partners

The University Archives is the official repository for the permanent, historical records of UW-Madison, UW System Administration, and the UW Colleges and UW Extension. Archives staff designed this five-step guide to assist you in transferring records to the Archives and to answer frequently asked questions about what material the Archives accepts, how to store records there, and how to access records once they are in the Archives.

What Records do I Send to the Archives?

All University Records that have met the official retention schedule (RDA) and are scheduled for permanent preservation may be sent to the Archives. The disposition of a records series is noted on the Records Retention/Disposition Authorization (RDA). See the Records Schedules page for information on preparing an RDA.

State Records Center vs. UW Archives

While it acts as the liaison between campus departments and the State Records Center, the Archives does not itself accept inactive records for short-term storage. Many campus offices make the mistake of thinking that the Records Center and the University Archives are one and the same. In fact, the Records Center is a separate, off-campus, state facility that offers inactive records storage not only to the University of Wisconsin but to many other state agencies.

For information please consult How do I use the State Records Center?

Retrieving Records from the UW-Madison Archives

If you need to access records once they are in the University Archives, please call 262-5629. You will need to have the Accession Number, Location, Box Number and File Name and Number ready when you call. We can arrange delivery or you may access your material in the Archives Reading Room.

Returning Records to the Archives

If you have files that need to be refiled into an accession, please call 262-5629 to notify the Archives when and how they will arrive.