Visiting Scholars

Appointments (such as honorary fellows) will need to obtain a University of Wisconsin-Madison Wiscard (STAFF ID) at Union South.  Your Wiscard is your library card.

OCLC Faculty

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries offer borrowing privileges to faculty from institutions that participate in the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program.  Faculty from participating institutions should contact their home university library to obtain a RFBP (Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program) card before arriving at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  OCLC Faculty wishing borrowing privileges should complete the online application at and select “Other” for your affiliation, explaining you are an OCLC Reciprocal Faculty.


BTAA (Big Ten Academic Alliance) visitors wishing borrowing privileges should fill out the online library card application at and select “Other” for the affiliation, explaining you are a BTAA member. BTAA visitors must present an institutional ID and login to the BTAA Borrowing Application to verify current affiliation. If the institutional ID is not a photo ID, a second ID may be required.

Faculty Sponsored by a UW-Madison Department

In order to get access to both electronic and print materials, departments should provide their visiting scholars with an honorary appointment.