Visiting Scholars

Appointments (such as honorary fellows) will need to obtain a Memorial Library card from the desk at the entrance to the Library. Appointments will need to present a UW photo ID card to obtain a General Library System borrowing card.

OCLC and BTAA faculty

Faculty visiting from OCLC institutions must bring a photo ID and the card given by the home institution to theĀ card registration desk at Memorial Library.

BTAA visitorsĀ must present an institutional ID and login to the BTAA Borrowing Application to verify current affiliation. If the institutional ID is not a photo ID, a second photo ID may be required.

Faculty sponsored by a UW-Madison department

Sponsored faculty may obtain a library card by providing a letter of sponsorship from a UW-Madison department. The letter must be written on department stationery, state that the department takes responsibility for all overdue/lost book charges, dates of authorization, and is signed by the chair.