University Library Committee

The University Library Committee reviews, consults and advises on, plans for, and receives reports and recommendations on the performance of library services, automation, budget, administrative structure, and allocation of resources. It is responsible for keeping the faculty informed of major issues and for creating opportunities for the faculty to discuss priorities (see Faculty Policies & Procedures 6.46.B).


Elected Faculty (voting members)

Cecile Ane (2018)
Botany and Statistics (L&S)
1208 Medical Sciences Center

Catherine Arnott Smith (2020)
Library & Information Studies
4230 Helen C. White Hall

Yang Bai (2019)
5211 Thomas C Chamberlin Hall

Sabine Gross (2019)
818 Van Hise Hall

Eneida Mendonca (2018)
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
H6/550, 4675 Clinical Science Center

Sarah Thal (2020)
4118 George L. Mosse Humanities Bldg.

Alessandro Senes (2021)
415c Biochemistry

Vacant (2021)

Appointed Academic Staff (voting members)

Cid Freitag
349 William S. Middleton Bldg

Carol Pech
School of Medicine and Public Health
273 Bascom Hall

Appointed University Staff (voting members)



Students (voting members)




Elected Academic Staff (non-voting)

Ian Benton (2nd of 2 year term) (2018)
2219 College Library

Michael Cohen (1st of 2 year term) (2019)
312M Memorial Library

Ex Officio (non-voting members)

Steven Barkan (LCC Liaison)
Director, Law Library
6358 Law Building

Phillip Braithwaite
Budget, Planning & Analysis
175 Bascom Hall

Florence Hsia (MLC Liaison)

Dennis Lloyd
Director, University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street

Ed Van Gemert
Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian
372F Memorial Library

Library Executive Group

Nancy Graff Schultz
Director, Administration
372H Memorial Library

Lee Konrad
Associate University Librarian, Technology Strategies and Data Services
372D Memorial Library

Lesley Moyo
Associate University Librarian, Public Services
372K Memorial Library

Edward Van Gemert, Chair
Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian
372F Memorial Library

Doug Way
Associate University Librarian, Collections and Research Services
372C Memorial Library

Library Coordinating Council (LCC)

Steven Barkan
Director, Law Library
6358 Law Building

Matt Blessing
Wisconsin Historical Society Library
230 Wisconsin Historical Society

Anna Lewis
Assistant Director MERIT
368B Teacher Education

Christopher Hooper-Lane
Director (Interim), Ebling Library
750 Highland Ave, room 2318

Edward Van Gemert, Chair
Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian
General Library System
372F Memorial Library