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Diversity Resident Librarian – Digital Library Services

Posted May 2019

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The Digital Scholarship and Data Diversity Resident Librarian is a dynamic and active role whose efforts are targeted at researcher support and engagement while supporting the ongoing maintenance and further development of research data and digital scholarship services at the UW-Madison Libraries.

This role will work with the Digital Curation Coordinator and is housed within the Digital Library Services unit of the General Library System. The Digital Library Services unit supports data services, the institutional repository – MINDS@UW, and UW Digital Collections. This Digital Scholarship and Data Librarian role will focus on supporting MINDS@UW as well as Research Data Services (RDS), which is an interdisciplinary organization committed to advancing research data management practice on the UW–Madison campus. RDS focuses on providing researchers with the tools and resources that support their efforts to store, analyze, and share data.

The person in this position will:

  • Participate as a consultant for and support the ongoing development of Research Data Services (RDS)
  • Participate in ongoing maintenance and development of the University of Wisconsin’s institutional repository service, MINDS@UW
  • Support broad programmatic activities and projects of the unit to develop data and digital scholarship services
  • Manage and collaborate on outreach and education activities
  • Participate in related external partnerships and activities

Services Support – 40%

  • Support the ongoing services and development of Research Data Services (RDS). Included but not limited to; serving as a consultant for RDS, answering data management related questions, reviewing researchers’ data management plans, and providing training and education services to campus faculty, staff, students, and research centers across disciplines.
  • Serve as a consultant on research data and digital scholarship best practices at appropriate campus office hours, including Data Science Office Hours Plus and the Digital Scholarship & Publishing Office Hours
  • Manage users and content for MINDS@UW. This position will also assist in the forthcoming data curation pilot and participate in the development of MINDS@UW as a more robust service
  • Answer researcher questions regarding digital platforms, tools, and methods for research projects
  • Help identify and plan for areas of growth and opportunity for research data, digital scholarship, and repository support

Researcher Engagement and Outreach – 40%

  • Lead workshops and training events in the areas of research data life cycle and best practices, emerging scholarship tools, computational tools and methods, or other related areas
  • Develop and write content for the RDS website and digest, update and maintain best practice information, and actively promote related training and education events
  • Participate in and serve as an instructor/helper within the robust campus Data and Software Carpentry communities

Leadership, Assessment and Evaluation – 20%

  • Assess and evaluate the impact of services and training on an ongoing basis
  • Serve on appropriate library committees
  • Build relationships and work with appropriate campus entities and stakeholders
  • Collaborate with other library areas on projects or opportunities (e.g. Scholarly Communications, e-Learning Librarian, etc.)

Depending on the librarian’s interests, other potential areas of work could include:

  • Grow services for digital humanities/digital scholarship support
  • Provide visualization and analysis support to researchers and students
  • Enhance the institutional repository service with improved usage reports and visualizations
  • Develop data analysis tools to improve assessment for library services and applications
  • Work on digital preservation policy, program implementation, and stewardship
  • Support and expand the IT ecosystem that provides online and storage services for the library