Strategic Planning Goal 2 – Strengthen Collections

Goal 2: Strengthen collections program to address strategic campus and consortial goals

Metrics: 1) Increase centralization of the budget; 2) Fund-based collection development policies have been created

  1. Develop greater flexibility within collections budget
  2. Develop collection and preservation strategies to support disciplines across subject areas and content types

What has been accomplished

  • By the start of the 2020 fiscal year, the Libraries will have increased the collections budget by $1.7M over the course of this strategic planning cycle, through a combination of new funds and internal transfers. While this has aided in flexibility, inflation has minimized the impact these funds may have provided.
  • The Libraries have made significant progress in centralizing the collections budget, as well. Funding for all major journal packages from commercial and university press publishers have been centralized. Work is underway to consolidate most SEL subject-based fund lines into a single fund. This work should be completed by the start of the 2020 fiscal year. Planning is also underway to consolidate social science funds, with four funds to be consolidated into a general social science fund at the start of the 2020 fiscal year.
  • UW Digital Collections continues to work with campus partners to digitize and make available content from its own and researchers’ collections in a variety of disciplines. The Libraries have also developed a digital preservation policy framework, and have designed and begun implementation of a digital preservation infrastructure which supports library, archival, and select campus and UW System digital preservation needs.
  • The Libraries participated in the BTAA Cooperative Cataloging Partnership, leveraging the collective language and subject expertise of catalogers working across the consortium.

Yet to be accomplished

  • Planning was underway to develop a collections philosophy and then fund-based collections policies.  This was put on hold due to upcoming transitions in collection development leadership.