Rethinking Libraries

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries have undergone an incredible transformation in recent years, with people looking to libraries for a growing variety of uses. With the support of campus leadership, the Libraries are aligning services, collections, and spaces to reduce our physical footprint, while re-envisioning the critical support we provide to the research, teaching, and learning needs of campus.

Consolidation will take many forms across campus, with emphasis on the following areas:

  1. Concentrate print collections using a comprehensive print management program.
  2. Repurpose spaces vacated by print collections for academic uses and collaborative activities.
  3. Redeploy staff expertise to deliver a more robust continuum of support to users, and strengthen library liaison roles to support campus priorities in research, teaching, and learning.
  4. Establish a new service model that leverages our technology ecosystem and integrates support for new forms of scholarly communication and related needs.

Current Consolidation Efforts

  • Business Library

    Timeline: Summer 2017 - mid-2018
    The Wisconsin School of Business and UW-Madison’s General Library System have partnered on a renovation project within Grainger Hall to create an integrated, three-floor learning commons encompassing the Huber Undergraduate Computer Lab, Business Library, and Business Learning Center.

  • Chemistry Library

    Timeline: Fall 2016 - 2019
    In collaboration with the Chemistry Department, UW-Madison Libraries have re-envisioned library spaces and services that will better support the work of Chemistry faculty, staff, and students. When the Chemistry Building Project is complete in 2019, the Chemistry Library will reopen as the Chemistry Information Commons.

  • Geography Library

    Timeline: Fall 2017 - September 2018
    To facilitate the creation of a makerspace and a student learning commons as well as the relocation of the Cartography Lab, the print collections at the Geography Library will be concentrated in other locations. The library closed at the end of 2017 and the space will be redesignated to the department in Septenber 2018 following the completion of collection work. A new service model has already been put in place for supporting reserve services at College Library.

  • Wendt Commons Library

    Timeline: Summer 2018-Spring 2019
    In collaboration with the College of Engineering, UW-Madison Libraries will further consolidate collections, services, and staff into Steenbock Library to accommodate the CoE's evolving vision for new, student-focused spaces throughout Wendt Commons. Wendt librarians continue to support the CoE and the Computer Science Department.