Rethinking Libraries Through Consolidation

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What is library consolidation?

  • Identification of a service model that provides the same or better library services with the same or fewer resources.
  • Consolidation of print resources – fewer circulation points – improvement of delivery services.
  • Repurposed spaces to meet campus needs today.
  • Align staff resources to service priorities (strategic goals).
  • Consolidation will require additional investment.

Important Links

UW-Madison Libraries Consolidation Efforts – Update from the Provost – November 2016

Letter of completion, addressed to the Consolidation Working Group – January 2016

Committee charge – November 2014

List of campus libraries

Stakeholders and Shared Governance Groups

 Working Group Committee Members

  • Ed Van Gemert – Project Sponsor/Co-lead
  • Lesley Moyo – co lead
  • Assemble working group:
    • Ariel Andrea, GLS, Chemistry
    • Phillip Braithwaite, Office of VC, ULC
    • Deborah Helman, Engineering, Wendt
    • Dave Luke, Technology, GLS
    • Kathryn Maloney, GLS, Steenbock
    • Lesley Moyo, GLS
    • Travis Warwick, GLS, Math
    • Heather Weltin, GLS
  • Natasha Veeser  – Communications
  • Darin Harris, George Watson – Office of Quality Improvement