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February 2 , 2012

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, February 2, 2012

  • Approve December 1, 2011 ULC minutes.
  • Minutes were approved.
  • Campus library director’s reports.
  • College Library and Wendt Commons will have WISCEL grand opening Feb. 28th (already up and running) and they are in the middle of more remodeling in computer lab on second floor to integrate media studio and design lab (previously in other space within in College). Discussion to have future ULC meeting in one of the WISCEL labs.
  • April’s ULC scheduled meeting is during Spring Break week. Needs to be rescheduled. Will send out information shortly regarding changes to scheduled meetings.
  • Libraries releasing new interface for MadCat which should be out later this month. Asking ULC to try testing it out and providing feedback.
  • Interim period for Ed:
    •  He asked ULC for advice and feedback on resolutions the library will propose to deal with lack of funding ideas and ULC support for informing others of issues.
    • Focus 1: Focusing his time to create a concrete plan/process for a stable funding model for campus libraries.
    • Focus 2: Creating a space plan for our libraries and the occupancy of new storage facilities: What will our campus libraries look like in term of physical print? How do we take advantage of other collaborative relationships for storage?
    • Focus 3: Continue to create top-notch library services by collaborating with departments and other organizations.
  • No update on search and screen committee for new library director.
  • ULC discussion item -- Developing a stable funding model for campus libraries with ULC input and support. 

    Libraries currently follow the DIM UW System process for funding (included in all UW System Libraries), but it often does not work for us. While we continue to participate in that process, we also have campus funding (i.e. tuition, gifts, donations, etc). Investigating the support research grants give to the library funding-wise. Gifts and donations are the only part of funding which continues to increase but moving forward library director may not play as large of a role in fundraising. Ed is looking at other library funding models going forward. Moving forward libraries need some sort of articulate process to make an argument for stable funding for the libraries. 


    • Step back and look at who we are serving, what values do we add to the work those people are doing, and who is paying for it? Perhaps personal stories of success/value.
    •  Perhaps the audience should not be the provost but think of a more sustained support and appreciation of what the library does. Leadership council of campus would be a good start.
    • Couch this discussion within “their” agenda for when they come up. Speak in the terms people are currently using and focusing on. Discover what the leadership council is interested in and use them as our voice.
    • How can the libraries participate with others on revenue generating programs?
    • If you identified the library as a “utility” could you demonstrate how much money you have saved through the years?
    • General Library System was $26 million and today we are at $24. We are at 225 FTE from about 250-259. Our acquisition budget for the GLS and other campus libraries is about $11 million.
    • Try and tie success stories to WI Experience.

    Ed stressed that ULC will need to explain the issue in “their” own words and help get the stories out.

  • Informational item:  Elsevier publishing boycott gathers steam among academics.

    Additional Reading:

    As of yesterday afternoon there were about 20 people from Madison signed up to boycott.

  • Announcements

    Next steps in terms of discussion above: will be discussed at future meetings after the proposal has been formulated by Ed. He is looking for a clear process from campus administration in how the library can move forward with this. Minimally he sees a letter of support from committee.

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