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December 1, 2011

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, December 1, 2011


  • Thank you to Ken Frazier and congratulations on his retirement.
  • Still dealing with budget reductions – GLS is still up against the wall with regard to collection/acquisition budgets. Travel and hiring funds are still affected – since June 2010, the GLS lost 34 positions or 14.1% of staff. The Libraries are very thin operationally.
  • Some talk of eliminating Libraries from the recipients of Parents Fund – this is money that comes from student solicitations for remodeling projects and student centered projects. GLS risks losing a good relationship with UW parents if this goes forward – some pushback is needed.
    • Reasons for this are unclear – may be a competition issue.
    • GLS is working to retain this funding.
  • Plans for Mary Rader and Ed Van Gemert to meet with SITIAC to make the argument for foundational online resources (i.e., ask for funding to assist with this). This is an educational opportunity to talk about what the Libraries do and how they serve UW.
  • Pilot e-textbook program underway – saves students as much as 65% off the list price. Money for the program is contributed by Libraries and DoIT.
  • Several potential partnerships are on horizon, such as talking with faculty about open access and a new Teaching & Learning faculty mentorship program to assist new faculty in becoming better teachers and researchers.
  • From Carrie Kruse: WisCEL centers (College Library, Wendt Engineering Commons) are now open. Tours are available.
    • WisCEL offers a more personalized learning environment, and holds students accountable for their learning with individual pacing and progression system.
    • Technologies facilitate the multifunctionality of the spaces.
    • Intended to be the seed for other projects.
    • EVG: Good example of way that library space can be used for coursework, a more complete use of library space (space is available at all hours).

Discussion – Scholarly Communication

  • Issue because few people seem to know what Scholarly Communication is. EVG hoping to advance discussion on campus about scholarly communication in relation to the library acquisition issue, an unsustainable publishing model, and how this affects library mission.
  • A number of faculty members raised concern about retaining rights – whether it be published in a traditional journal or open-access journal. Need for faculty to be involved in the discussion/planning process for a revamp of the system.
  • EVG wants libraries and faculty to be active in the discussion and work together to address the publication model problem.
  • Possibility of faculty/library/academic staff meeting to discuss issues and move forward.
  • Allison Kaplan: What is ULC’s role in hiring new director? EVG: ULC should not ask, but rather define, role in hiring process.

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