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November 3, 2011

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, November 3, 2011

Attending: Barribeau, Chapin, Jasper (chair), Frazier, Celis Carbajal (guest), Kaplan, Lazenby, Van Gemert, Barkin, Booske, Britland, Broman, Combs, Harris, Huang, Braithwaite, Rader, Owens, Konrad, Wettleson, Null, Zimmerman


Frazier reviewed the general scope and working process of ULC.  Ken will be retiring at the end of the calendar year; the Provost is coming next week to discuss transitions with the library staff.

Go Big Read
Community interest in the Go Big Read program is wide, extending throughout the state.  Celis Carbajal discussed one outreach effort related to this year’s book (Enrique’s Journey), a competition for creative works entitled “Our Nations of Others.”  This project has garnered the attention of UW affiliates, local teachers and others throughout Dane County and will result in an awards ceremony (at which Don Bartletti, the Pulitzer-winning photographer from Enrique’s Journey, will speak) and a juried exhibition.  Associated with the project will be multiple exhibitions of Bartletti’s photographs throughout campus.  Among other funding sources, Frazier noted that the Friends of the Library are also helping support these efforts (as part of their new initiative to fund library-departmental collaborations, particularly those that bring individuals to campus for multiple days and varied types of engagement).

State of the Library
Photocopiers:  After reviewing the history of the photocopier and its relationship to library practices, and copyright, Frazier noted that our revenues from copying have declined by 80%, largely due to free scanning.  The Libraries are beginning to explore alternate technologies to photocopiers that we expect will greatly improve services: printer-scanners which email, OCR and create PDF files.  Questions that might arise as we migrate to these new technologies include: Shall we charge for this service?  How might this effect departments and their copying needs? Are there implications for walk-in (ie, non UW-affiliates) users?  The transition period is expected to be over the next year.

“Wisconsin Idea Talks” from the Humanities Research Bridge:  Frazier reviewed the impetus of the Humanities Research Bridge (new forms of teaching and research as well as the study of new media itself).  He then showed a video presentation highlighting Caroline Levine and her work on professors in popular culture as an example of possible multimedia presentations that might be created through the Humanities Research Bridge.  The Library is interested in scaling such efforts and will have the spaces, technology and people to help as well as the infrastructure to preserve multimedia projects.  A question was raised about how this relates to the i-Tunes University project and other initiatives on campus; Frazier indicated that this depends on the individual collaborations and objectives.

Budget News: none to share.

Steenbock Library is doing a lot of outreach related to the Wisconsin Idea.

Meeting adjourned at 1:25.


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