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October 7, 2011

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, October 7, 2011

Present:  Cynthia Jasper (Chair), Ernesto Livorni, John Pfotenhauer, David Weimer, Allison Kaplan, Phillip Braithwaite, Ken Frazier, Ed Van Gemert, Heather Weltin, Susan Barribeau (recorder), Irene Zimmerman, Steve Barkan, Lee Konrad, Mary Rader

Minutes from April 2011 meeting approved.

Acknowledgment and discussion of Ken Frazier’s planned retirement at the end of the year. A national search committee will be convened in the next months. Recruitment for that committee is underway with interviews scheduled for Spring Semester.

ULC has 4 unfilled positions, as does the Memorial Library Committee.

State of the Library (Ken):
Projects and Space Reconfigurations:  campus libraries are repurposing space for specialized instruction spaces, social areas, and for project collaboration, working with faculty and other campus entities e.g. DoIT, various departments. Libraries are taking advantage of their status as “neutral” spaces and several partnership projects are underway.

College Library has eliminated some of their duplicate print collections as part of their mission. They will provide WISCEL project space for Math as is Wendt Commons for Engineering. College Library is also developing a DesignLab and Media Studio classroom with Jon McKenzie (English Dept.) which will be a smart media center and a flexible space for media studies classes and new forms of teaching with multimedia.

A flexible, reconfigurable digital humanities “laboratory” space (Humanities Research Bridge) is in the planning stages for the 2nd floor of Memorial (formerly used to house the card catalog). Irene Zimmerman gave an update on cataloging of our collections. Services will include expertise and support for humanities researchers working with digital projects. Library staff, DoIT staff and Digital Content Group staff are involved. There is a faculty steering committee including Sue Zaeske and Susan Cook, among others. Carrie Roy has been hired as coordinator.

Funding (Ken)
Parent’s Fund and UW Foundation Telefund monies are being used to develop these student research facilities in libraries.

Storage Facility (Ed)
Support for a storage facility to be located in the Verona Business Park has been allocated. Construction will begin in Spring 2012. The need for a storage facility has been on the table since 1994. Collection decisions, staffing plans and access decisions are being discussed. The facility will hold 800,000 volumes which is projected to cover the next 5 years. We are also collaborating with other institutions on coordinated print storage, primarily of journals. An extensive deduplication project has been underway for over a year in preparation for storage planning. Currently Memorial Library has had to accommodate materials from Wendt and other libraries and has a “boxes on the floor” scenario.

Budget (Ken)
There will not be any increases in the current biennium for acquisitions. An $800,000 budget shortfall will be covered by gift and endowment money to avoid mass cancellations of journals or databases.

There have been extensive staff reductions in the past year with 25 positions that will not be filled. Currently we are not competitive with peer institutions in collection support and are roughly $4,000,000 behind the rest of the CIC schools. We are ranked 45 out of 125 ARLs. We are facing a 15% cut in acquisitions which will affect serials and databases. Several large multiyear licenses are up for renewal and renegotiation (Wiley in 2012 and Elsevier in 2013).

Discussion of the need to make the UW Foundation aware of our needs. The Libraries plan to get a Development Specialist/fundraiser.
Ed said these budget constraints affect the ability of the Libraries to support the teaching and research mission of the University and its community. The state legislature cannot be relied on to provide the needed funding.

Allison Kaplan inquired about the status of the situation with Ebling and Steenbock Libraries. EVG provided background about the proposal (which is currently not moving forward) to consolidate these science libraries. We cannot incorporate their collections (300,000 volumes) and complications of staffing and space considerations.

Several campus libraries are closing: Biology Library, LGBT Library, and Center for Demography and Ecology  have closed and their collections have been deduplicated and integrated into other campus library collections. The Primate Library is reducing their collection greatly; the continuation of some science and psychology journals from that library is under discussion and costs/usage being analyzed.

Authors Guild Lawsuit Update (EVG)
Ed provided background and an update on this lawsuit which is about the Google Books and HathiTrust work. 10 million books have been digitized; 40% of our collection is in HathiTrust.  Work on orphan works identification at Univ. of Michigan and digitization is affected. Public domain works out of copyright are still available. The WI state Attorney General and UW Legal Services are involved. Michigan is hiring high-priced legal support. This work is fundamental to their (and our) vision of access and preservation to make these materials available to future generations of scholars. The ideal outcome would be for the Authors Guild to work with Hathi toward author compensation and continued/expanded access.

Move to adjourn; seconded.


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