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April 7, 2011

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, April 7, 2011

In attendance: Sara Lazenby, Anna Lewis, Ken Frazier, Heather Weltin, Cynthia Jasper, David Weimer, Ed Van Gemert, Pam Wilson, Richard Reeb, Carrie Kruse, Mary Rader, Eileen Cullen, Susan Barribeau, Lee Konrad, Allison Kaplan, Lisa Saywell


Minutes from March meeting were approved

News and Announcements

  • Carrie Kruse – next week: undergraduate symposium @ Memorial Union, 4th year library sponsorship, awards for library-related research excellence
  • 2nd Digital Salon – showcase student work using digital media – College Library, symposium, monitors at Widmere Center – 50-60 projects (games, interactive projects)
  • Anna Lewis – read poster creation at MERIT
  • Lisa Saywell – Memorial Library Edible Book Festival
  • Ken Frazier – preservation/storage facility has passed governor’s building committee. In governor’s budget; under previous (UW) system, state would add to cost. Won’t start process until we know more about public authority status. 
  • Ed Van Gemert – award season! Nice to acknowledge work by staff and students.

Update on Library Budget Cuts for 2011 – 2012

GLS preparing for 7.5% budget reduction

KF: Deans and directors received direction from DeLuca to execute “budget scenario exercises” at 5% and 7.5% base budget cut 
Our response included the request for exempted acquisitions budget. Most of the cut ($1.3 million) would come from personnel. This cut is amplified by structural deficit: i.e.,  we hire more than we can afford, so that we can have vacant positions. This means a downsizing by 10% or more; we are anticipating that we can do so with vacancies and retirements. 18 vacancies will only save $800,000. All cuts need to happen “up front” rather than being phased in. A benefit is that we will avoid layoffs.

Draft ULC Resolution – Discussion

Members had a chance to review the resolution. General discussion/questions and some revisions were made to the resolution. DW moved that committee adopt revised version. AK seconded. Motion passed to send resolution to University Committee.

Interlibrary Loan Presentation (Heather Weltin)

  • Interlibrary loan & documentary delivery (on-campus, free service) – consistent growth for past 5 years, but last year decreased by 7%. On-campus requests decreased by 1% due to recent publisher packages, more literature online, etc. Undergraduate use decreased most.
  • Lending that UW-Madison does decreased by 4%. Budget cuts mean that we have less to lend out. We are 6th in ARL in lending; increased in borrowing. Despite a decrease in ILL, costs have gone up. Copyright costs have gone up. Other libraries are charging more for us to get their items.
  • Average cost is $37/article, $20/lent book. Article delivery system – Rapid service: anything processed in 24 hours, no charge to us. $300,000 on articles. Publishers are the largest supplier of articles. We are always working with publishers to get the lowest rate. CIC institutions are largest borrower. U of Chicago is institution we borrow from the most.
  • On-campus delivery service: Ebling Library users are heavy document delivery service users; Memorial, Wendt and Steenbock too. Relying on staff for scanning documents. Receive more requests for articles than for loans – filled 65,000 article requests, 25,000 loan requests. When we released FindIt we  made it very easy to request materials – making it a free service made that even easier.
  • Ideas for improvement: ILL is based on turnaround time. We have an incredible turnaround time. For off-campus: articles = 4.5 days; 24 hours on campus. 8.7 days for loans. If we know we own the item, we put in a campus hold request. Anything prior to 1923 goes into special queue for GoogleBooks and other sources. We are always working w/publishers to get reduced rates. If a request comes in for an article that costs over $55, we email patrons and tell them that cost. Many people cancel their request when they hear this.

Ken Frazier: Library co-sponsoring CIC Accessibility Conference, June 13 – 14 in Memorial Library Commons.

Other Business/Next ULC Meeting

No May meeting is scheduled. Thank you to Lisa Saywell, Ivy Corfis for their time served on ULC.


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