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December 2, 2010

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, December 2, 2010

In attendance: A. Baha Balantekin, Sara Lazenby, Ed Van Gemert, Ivy Corfis, Ken Frazier, Steve Barkhan, Anna Lewis, Tim Allen, Cynthia Jasper, Jean Gilbertson, Allison Kaplan, Elisabeth Owens, Carrie Kruse, Richard Reeb, John Pfotenhauer, Lisa Saywell, Mary Rader, David Weimer


  1. Approval of minutes – request to change some language (edits made to November minutes)

  2. News and Update from Library Directors: Anna Lewis, Assistant Director of Library Services, welcomed the Committee to the Wisconsin Idea Room in the newly-renovated Education Building. Ken Frazier: Thank you for allowing ULC to use the space.

  3. Updates and Follow-up
    Library Acquisitions Funding Proposal (DIN) – Ed Van Gemert
    Decision Item Narrative: a request for $6 mil to license some UW–Madison resources across UW System, and to provide additional resources (Research Commons).  2/3 of the funding would come from state General Purpose Revenue (GPR) and 1/3 from tuition. With no GPR available, it is necessary to think of a non-GPR avenue: consider lobbying Board of Regents for a portion of 5.5% [tuition flexibility dollars], or look at a move from partial tuition funding to entire tuition funding. Need to wait and see what Governor Walker does.

    Follow-up on 24-hr access – Ed Van Gemert/Jean Gilbertson
    Option for west side library 24-hour access continue to be explored. Gilbertson & Van Gemert met with ASM representative Sam Seering on 11/10. Seering & ASM are appreciative of services at Steenbock and indicated that they would be doing a survey of lake shore dorm residents. Gilbertson is meeting with Steenbock staff and discussing safety and cost issues with College Library staff. There is a $7,000 cost to keep Steenbock open 24 hours during exams. The cost to keep the library open 24 hours, 5 days/week during the regular semester and 24 hours, 7 days/week during exams would be $55,000. This includes the cost of hiring security staff. There are no plans to change hours for spring. The library’s December exam schedule offers a chance to see if there are issues with safety and security. EVG: Seering took note of usage statistics presented at the meeting and indicated that ASM would be open to a compromise, perhaps in the form of extended hours. There was a brief discussion about whether ASM could offer a subsidy. Gilbertson said most staff arrive before midnight, leave after 7 a.m. Students are most interested in this access during midterms and final exams.

  4. Library Strategic Plan—Preparing for the next biennium (discussion/Ken Frazier)
    Frazier asked the group about how to most effectively collect input from ULC on the Libraries’ Strategic Plan development. So far, conversations from Libraries staff have yielded key issues that include:
  • the need for better fundraising/development efforts
  • unity for campus libraries
  • more effective communication to the campus, Board of Regents, university administration, etc.

    (Additional issues/points/suggestions may be found online:
    Members discussed various points, including the importance of short- and long-term planning; effective communication strategies; current and emerging technologies and the implications for the Libraries. Frazier suggested devoting some ULC meeting time to a strategic plan discussion. The committee thought this would be a good idea.
  1. Other business/next ULC meeting
    KF: Next meeting will be 3rd of February. A big thank-you to Tim Allen, who will retire after the fall semester, for his service to ULC and the Libraries.

  2. Tour of Education Building


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