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April 22, 2010

University Library Committee Minutes
Thursday, April 22, 2010
460 Memorial Library

ULC Members Present: Tim Allen, Steve Barkan, Phillip Braithwaite, Ken Frazier, Peter Gottlieb, Jean Gilbertson, Sandra Guthrie, Cynthia Jasper, Joseph Kemnitz (chair), Lee Konrad, Sarah McDaniel, Elisabeth Owens, Nancy Paul, Mary Rader, Julie Schneider, Edward Van Gemert

  1. Director's Report (Ken Frazier)

    Minutes will now be taken by Elisabeth Owens’ assistant Laura Peters.

    Ken Frazier (KF) spoke about the remodeling of the Memorial Library Commons (the location of the meeting). The room is being used more than it was before it was remodeled. However, there are some pitfalls—cleanliness is an issue, need to work on finding staff support (such as students). The space is available to be used and has been used for: Haiti film series, Go Big Read film event, retirement parties, outside events, etc. Governor Doyle held a press conference in the room speaking about the Wisconsin Covenant program—the possibilities for use are endless. There is a need for collaboration among students and faculty, like in many strategic initiatives, in order to make the space a success.

    Spoke about the two pilot projects using e-reading devices this school year. The School of Journalism will be doing another pilot program using e-readers in the fall.

    Sarah McDaniel spoke about the Digital Salon coming at the end of April to further explain the partnerships with the library and other parts of the campus.

    The library faces a 4% budget cut, almost $1 million, it will not be easy, but KF is still focused on bringing new things to the libraries and campus community. Collaboration with other parts of campus is key to make this happen.

    Storage facility: UW-Madison is one of the largest research facilities in North America/world. We are currently in a “back-against-the-wall” situation where space is becoming very limited. KF and Ed Van Gemert (EVG) have tried unsuccessfully several times to get extra storage; it is becoming a dire situation to find storage. Progress now seems optimistic; Verona site would offer some space for the collections, appropriate temperate and climate control. Thanks to Paul DeLuca on the Campus Planning Committee this appears that it will most likely happen. Private dollars (fundraising) is necessary to make this work. Shelving (steel) is the major cost; rivals the cost of the actual building—working with Purchasing Department to find competitive prices to help lower the costs. UW-Libraries staff members who live in the Verona area have volunteered to help move collections to and from that area. It will be very modest and cheap, but it is a start. If all goes as planned, occupancy can be expected by end of 2011 (since it is a warehouse, can be built in four months). Private funding would come from unrestricted gifts and funds (roughly need $2 million, which is very cheap for a building) and/or another gift that is in the pipeline. We will use the loading dock that already exists to help lower cost.

    Ed Van Gemert (EVG): We need to remove print journals that have a reliable electronic back-drop and print journals that are duplicates. This is a controversial idea but is something that needs to happen to preserve the amount of space we do have when going forward with the storage facility.

    Next Monday, April 26 is the academic staff awards, with Chancellor Biddy Martin present at the awards. Sandra Guthrie will receive the Ann Wallace Career Achievement Award. Citizenship and service to the academic community is considered when a candidate is chosen for this award.

    Tuesday, April 27 will be the Library Service Awards. This award recognizes people from all libraries on campus, not just GLS, and recognizes professional, classified and student staff. Friends of the Libraries help support the small cash awards.

  2. Announcements

    Julie Schneider (Director of Ebling)- Ebling Library has been busy working with other libraries on campus regarding the NIH policy. Also, experiencing pressures for space at Ebling—have been shifting some collections around and appears to be working great now. Placed collections in the previous quiet area for students. The space available to students is now doubled and includes natural light. We are doing more with less.

    Wisconsin Historical Library held an open house April 23 and April 24 for the renovation that completed at the end of February 2010.

    Steenbock Library-Steenbock is currently faced with many retirements and must look at restructuring. Steenbock has been able to look at the strategic directions of the library; where can we consolidate some activities and add new ones. Also, looking at duplicate print of journals, a continuation of previous work from when the commons area was renovated.

    Memorial Library: Also working on the storage issues, print journals duplicates.

    Sarah McDaniel: Digital Salon-includes videos, podcasts, etc will be held next week and includes roughly 50 student projects to be featured at the Open Book Café. The staff projects will be featured in the Memorial Library Commons. It will be on display all week (April 26-April 30). Food summit will be on Friday, April 23 and will feature George McGovern. The food summit serves as a closing for the first year of the Go Big Read program.

    E-textbook study group (EO): The group would appreciate more faculty input as they go forward. An email invitation will be sent out to ULC members asking them to partake in the study group.

  3. Update on UW-Madison Friends of the Library (Ken Frazier)

    The Friends attempt to be supporters of all libraries on campus, including the outreach to the Madison community. The Friends just celebrated their 60th anniversary and recently have enjoyed an endowment of $1 million. The Friends holds the Regents largest book sale twice a year which has shown to be very profitable (roughly $20,000 profit from each sale). The two book sales in 2009 still proved to be successful, despite the need to raise prices due to the economic downfall. Every year proceeds from the book sale are given as small awards to various campus libraries. The sales also help raise money for scholars from throughout the world to come to UW-Madison as part of the Grant-in-Aid Scholar program and to use the Special Collections at Memorial Library.

    Graduate students are sent to the Rare Book School; this year two of the students are enrolled in UW-Madison’s School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS). The Friends support a poetry series, FELIX, which brings poets throughout the United States to Madison as part of a lecture series. FELIX is organized by various active student organizations on campus. The Friends support Illumination, the undergraduate journal of the humanities. Also, libraries are given very small grants to help them buy things that may not have been purchased otherwise—this year the Friends will give roughly $26,000 to libraries throughout the UW campus.

  4. Plans for the 2009-2010 ULC Annual Report to the Faculty Senate (Ken Frazier and Elisabeth Owens)

    Elisabeth Owens gave a handout which explains the proposed lay out for the annual report for this past year. Input would be appreciated as to what people think should be included in the report.

    Committee members will take the outline with them and consider what should be included in the Annual Report. A meeting for May will be scheduled during which committee members will give their input for the report.

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